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Which stickers should I choose?

You'll notice we offer Matt and Gloss stickers for sale, aswell as clear and foiled finish stickers. It can be difficult to know which to choose for the look you want and sometimes this can lead to disapointment if you don't know what to expect.

Matt stickers, these are plain paper finish stickers with no shine to them, much how you imagine plain paper, this is the finish to these stickers, they are the cheaper of the 2 stickers, they look good, stick well and do the job they are asked to do.  If you've ordered from me before you probably had them stuck on the box or on your packaging, I use them a lot on goods for this purpose.

Gloss stickers, these are still paper stickers but they had a gloss finish to them, they feel slightly thicker and smoother to the touch, they have a subtle shine to them in the light, stick better on clothing if you're ordering for an event, and generally they look a little superior to their matt counterparts, hense they are a little pricier.  In summary they feel less like plain paper and more like a glossy flyer to touch.

Clear stickers: These stickers are polyester based stickers rather than paper, they are laser printed and will resist surface water making them a good choice for bottles and jars or candle/ melts making and packaging. They will stick to recycled paper surfaces or textures but less well than paper stickers do.

Foiled stickers: Foiled stickers require the artwork you wish to use to be seperated into to be foiled and not to be foiled as 2 seperate PNG files or an editable PDF copy.  If you only want a plain sticker with foiled text that's the easiest and your artwork just needs to be plain black and white, no shading or faded areas.  If you want to combine colours and foil, the coloured area's need to be emailed as one file and the foiled area's emailed as a solid B&W image which will then be foiled.  If you don't have an editable copy of your image it's likely it won't be compatible with fpiling.

Whichever finish you choose the print quality will be as vibrant and equal quality, it really comes down to what you plan to use them for and how high profile on your product the sticker is to be, if you want to make an impact consider gloss, if you're simply tying in your branding on packaging or sealing tissue paper, you may find matt paper stickers are the more economical choice for the job.

I hope this little guide helps you, if you're ever in doubt, drop me an email at [email protected]